Creative Ways to Help you Change

Individual Therapy

I work with adults who would like to engage in a talking therapy that incorporates imagery and energy tools.

The first session or two sessions are assessment sessions. This will mean that I will be asking you lots of questions about your past and difficult things that you experienced. It includes talking about your birth or any information you have about your parents prior to or following your birth, your relationship to your family, and other important relationships in your life, your difficulties, transitions and past trauma. This is to figure out the themes and traumas that you would need to work with during your therapeutic journey. After that, you will have a choice between:

1) Start working on these themes and traumas with me

2) Work with some of the themes and traumas and leave the rest for later

3) Decide to work with a different therapist, having some clarity about what you need to work on

You do not need to complete all the themes from your past to have a happy life. As you become more aware of some of them or effectively resolve them, you can start feeling changes in your life.

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