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Work with Alda

Work with Alda

Alda is an unusual therapist. She is ready to listen to you, and respond in ways that can help you, like many other therapists, but she is also prepared to go one step further, to move with you, to use meridians and chakras for healing, to go beyond your lifetime traumas to heal birth issues, ancestral trauma, cultural-historical trauma, spiritual issues that are interfering with developing your full potential.


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Express Your Inner World

You will be accepted

No man is an island. No matter how big or small it is what you are carrying on your shoulders, you don't need to carry it all by yourself. Share it in therapy, let it go, express it in your life through art, business, enterprises, or any creative endeavour that comes to mind. What is most personal is most universal, said the famous psychotherapist Carl Rogers, father of the person-centred approach. What you are most ashamed of, scared of, or angry at is what makes you human, and other human beings can love you exactly as you are. Express your inner world and discover that it is just one part of who you are, and it doesn't need to define you. You are here to start learning how to accept and love yourself.


If you are often anxious, you need to learn tools to calm your internal activation, ground yourself, and heal the traumas that created your anxiety, and trigger it in your life. You can then start to fully enjoy your life.


In a broader sense, trauma can be: not being listened by your parents as a child, not having a life purpose, being overwhelmed by fear, a car accident, a stressful birth, etc. Therapy can help you transform these experiences in what makes you strong and thriving.


Spirituality is present in everyone's life: fear of the unknown, disconnection from intuition, too much spirituality with a disconnection from normal life, fear of the darkness. Everything can be treated and explored so that you can find your ideal spiritual path.

I am ready to book. What happens next?

Send Alda an email with a good time for you to talk on the phone. Yes, you heard correctly. Before working with you in person or online, Alda will need to assess if you are the right fit to work together. The phone call is a first assessment for you too to see if you feel at ease working with her. If that goes well, the first session is also an assessment session, where you might go into more detail about your issues, and you might talk about your past history. After this session, if both of you believe that you could work well together, then you will start having therapy sessions regularly. Alda only has spaces for weekly sessions and the spaces normally fill very quickly. If you wish to have a space or be on her waiting list, please fill in the Contact form now.

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