Help for Anxiety


Anxiety, including panic attacks, is a reaction of your nervous system. It is a symptom of unresolved trauma.


Your mind gets thousands of thoughts, and they are usually negative ones, bringing you to imaginary or recalled situations that you may be very fearful of. Your mind might get triggered by common things, such as flying, a look, smells, being outdoors or even your own thoughts, and you might start avoiding places or situations or create rituals to calm you down.

At those times, you feel as if you have lost control of yourself, and this can be a very scary feeling, which may trigger you even more. Counselling for anxiety can help you get back control of your life by becoming more present to what triggers your anxiety. You will then find ways to calm down your nervous system during those difficult times. Anxiety is a symptom of trauma, so resolving both goes hand in hand.


In the first stages of our work together, you will learn how to keep your anxiety under control, how to manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. After you can self-regulate better, you will be able to start taking a look at the roots of your issues, possibly unresolved trauma.


You will understand that your anxiety helped you survive and it was an adaptive response to your environment, but you can choose to live in a different way. You can create better relationships, more meaningful sources of income, and express your uniqueness fully in the world.

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