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EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping, is an interesting tool that uses the Chinese meridian system to calm down the activation in your nervous system. In 2019, the UK organisation NICE recommended public funds should be invested to investigate EFT further as a tool for PTSD and trauma.

Acupuncture without the needles


EFT is part of my counselling "toolkit", but purely EFT sessions can also be offered in Exeter. Sometimes called "emotional acupuncture without the needles", during an EFT session, you can calm down your nervous system and rewire your brain, creating new pathways and a new reality.

Every memory you hold in your brain is connected to feelings. It has an emotional charge. When you think of having a cup of tea, the feelings associated to this thought will come to mind. Tea would normally be associated to pleasant feelings.


However, you can equally recall unpleasant feelings associated to a thought. For example, if you almost drown once, and your fear mechanism got activated, every time you think of swimming, you might get a similar fearful reaction. You will be afraid of swimming or even going near water. With EFT or tapping, you can calm down the area of the brain that starts the activation and stop it. You can think of the experience and disassociate the intense feelings connected to it. For example, as you think of swimming, you will tap several acupuncture points, mostly located on the face, to deactivate your fear mechanism. Your fear will disappear. You will disassociate swimming and fear. Once all the aspects of the experience are tapped and the emotional charge gets disconnected, you will feel no fear of swimming. 

Issues to be treated with EFT

You can use EFT for phobias, fears and anxieties (fear of heights, fear of flying, aracnophobia...). You can also change deep-seated core beliefs about yourself, possibly created in childhood or inherited from previous generations (i. e. "I'm useless"; "I am not good with money"; "I am unlovable"). For these core beliefs, a psychotherapy framework combined with EFT would work better and you would need to commit to long term work.

Tapping for Trauma

EFT can be safely used for the treatment of trauma, as it calms down the amygdala (fire alarm in your brain that sets you off). As your amygdala and nervous system calm down, your prefrontal cortex (sensible part of your brain) will take over, and you will be able to process your experience.

Some traumatic events may require only a number of EFT sessions in Exeter, while others will require a long-term commitment, especially if you had a difficult childhood. As the treatment progresses, you may start feeling that your memories belong to the past. They will not come to your mind anymore, and you may not need to talk about them. If you do, your body will not feel activated. You will have a sense that they are resolved. You just know it. You will be forgetting the past and be ready to start a brand new life, free to create whatever you wish. Shifts are sometimes so radical that life feels like sheer excitement and full of opportunity.

Please  have a look at these videos to see what is EFT and how it works.

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