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Are you literally carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Discover the body-mind-spirit therapeutic approach that can help you change the way you see yourself and how you feel, so that you can make a difference in the world.


You may be feeling like nothing will ever change. You are going around in circles, creating something beautiful that you are proud of and seeing yourself sabotage it later and end up in square one. You are showing a brave face to the world, while suffering silently inside. I am very skilled and experienced and can help you get where you want to go. How? By showing you techniques that can help you calm down and you can use at home, by introducing you into ancient and modern healing practices that follow to your own wisdom, and by inspiring you to make yourself your priority. When you understand your difficulties and commit to start an inner journey to heal your past, things around you will start changing and you might inspire others to do the same thing. If enough people embark on their own journeys, together we can all change the world. Isn't that a beautiful goal? My name is Alda, and I started my own journey over 15 years ago, finding amazing ways to heal and bring harmony to my life and those around me. I'm passionate about my job, and I am very good at keeping a good life-work balance. I learnt that by finding nourishing "play" time, I have more energy for more serious "work". That is what makes me an excellent therapist, able to be deeply serious, and lightly fun.


I also speak Spanish and French

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Solid knowledge & personal experience

My work is based on a solid knowledge of different therapeutic approaches and trauma, on recent research and on my personal experience in different modalities of therapy. I have tried every approach that I offer, experiencing changes as a result of the work. For more info, click on the appropriate link.

What is Trauma

Person-Centred Approach

Psychodynamic Approach to Counselling





I will be your ideal therapist if

You like
trying new things

Your healing journey does not need to be all dull and tears. It can also be exploring, discovering, trying new things, and a bit of fun. My favourite tools are energy techniques, which can challenge sceptical minds (including mine) but seem to produce incredible outcomes.


You want to
know yourself better

You are curious about yourself and what makes you act like you do; you want to understand what is happening to you; you are open to accept what you might find about yourself, no matter how awful or beautiful.


You want to 
cooperate in the process

You do not want a therapist who would tell you what to do, but someone who would accompany you while you discover what feels right for you. You are ready to do homework or at least reflect on your progress or shortcomings.


You want to be honest and expect the same from me

You want a space where you can be honest and authentic without being shamed. No matter how "weird" you think you are, you will always be respected in my therapy room. One of my “weird” attributes is that I tend to have an innate tendency to be honest and real.


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How I Can Help

Individual Therapy

One to one therapy for over 18. A mix of talking therapy and body and energy techniques. Typical issues I can help you with include anxiety, grief, trauma, lack of meaning, relationship issues, etc. 

Self-development Groups

Helping you to get to know yourself better, understand your reactions, and find ways of changing your world. You will be learning about boundaries, assertiveness, anger and anxiety.

Qigong Classes

In my regular qigong groups, you will learn ancient qigong and energy medicine exercises that will allow you to release stuck emotional baggage, calm down your nervous system and increase your body awareness and confidence.